Rhino Cutting Mats

Our extra large Rhino cutting mats are designed & manufactured to the upmost quality guaranteeing durability and consequently they meet & exceed expectation thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction. They are passed through severe testing to guarantee they are more than suitable for the purpose they are made and intern make sure you receive value for money.

In addition our Rhino cutting mats are available in 3 extra large sizes including 8’ x 4’ (2440 x 1220mm) 10’ x 5’ (3050 x 1525mm) & 12’ x 6’ (3660 x 1828mm). They are intended for industrial use to completely cover large working areas and benches, this not only protects the tables & benches your work on, but also makes your blades last much longer.

Moreover, if you are looking for a size that isn’t available as a standard size, our Rhino cutting mats can be cut to bespoke sizes to suit the exact size of your worktable(s). Simply select the option to custom cut below and enter your required sizes in the box provided.